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Tipbet Affiliates is the casino affiliate program responsible for promoting Tipbet Casino, a Microgaming casino and sportsbook site. The brand was launched in 2014 and targets players around the world, except for those residing in restricted countries such as France and Iran. It reaches four different language segments and uses HTML5 for maximum compatibility across multiple platforms. Tipbet Affiliates is governed under the laws of Malta.

Commission details

Partners of Tipbet Affiliates receive commissions as a percentage of the total net revenue brought in from their referred players across all Tipbet Casino products. To calculate this figure, Tipbet Affiliates uses a formula of gross revenue less gaming taxes and duties, bonus payouts, fraud costs (including chargebacks), license fees, and other material operation costs.

Tipbet Affiliates determines an affiliate’s commission rate each month using the revenue-based tiers shown in our affiliate program details. Those who reach the higher tiers receive a greater share of net revenue as earnings. Additionally, Tipbet Affiliates pays bonuses to affiliates who bring in a high volume of new depositors within a month.

Unfortunately for partners, Tipbet Affiliates does carry forward negative balances from one month to the next. However, there is no bundling, and Tipbet Affiliates does offer genuine lifetime earnings with no early termination or un-tagging clause in its contract.

This is the only commission plan offered through Tipbet Affiliates at this time.


Members of Tipbet Affiliates can easily add to their earnings by referring others to the program. This is made possible through a simple two-tier plan. A referring affiliate can earn a referral commission from Tipbet Affiliates equal to a flat percentage of all sub-affiliate income.

Payment details

Tipbet Affiliates members receive commissions 10 to 15 days from the end of each month. In order to qualify for a commission payment, an affiliate only needs to have €25 accrued if they choose to be paid through Neteller or Skrill. Bank wire transfer payments are also offered to affiliates who have at least €250 accrued. Those who don’t reach the necessary payout threshold will just have their earnings roll over to the next period.

Tipbet Affiliates pays all members in euros only, so affiliates who use a different currency will need to be mindful of any applicable foreign exchange expenses.


Tipbet Affiliates is powered by NetRefer, one of the leading affiliate software platforms. This software makes it simple to see how well an affiliate’s website is performing in real-time, complete with a variety of information about ad performance, player revenues, and accrued commissions. Affiliates can also obtain the latest marketing materials from management through the software.



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