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Paf Partners is a casino affiliate program that promotes Paf Casino, an online casino brand managed in conjunction with the government of the Åland Islands. The brand offers a wide array of slots and other casino games from NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and Microgaming, as well as a few proprietary games. It offers gaming services to players around the world and donates a significant portion of its profits to charity, as mandated by law.

Commission details

Paf Partners uses a conventional revenue sharing plan to compensate the vast majority of its affiliates. Under this plan, affiliates receive a percentage of the net revenue that their players generate for the casino each month. This percentage is determined along tiers based on how much net revenue is earned within the month, meaning that higher-earning affiliates get a larger share of that revenue. Affiliates can also receive an extra bonus when they refer new depositing customers every month, this too is based on a tiered structure.

Affiliates of Paf Partners can see regular income thanks to a lack of restrictive clauses in the affiliate agreement. Commissions are good for the lifetime of referred players, and affiliates don’t have to worry about activity clauses or un-tagging. There is also no negative carryover and no bundling. The only exception is for single player wins of €20,000 or more, in which case the affiliate has the option of un-tagging that player permanently or carrying forward the negative balance separately.

Some affiliates can request an alternative commission plan. Paf Partners offers CPA (cost-­­p­er­-a­c­­qui­­s­ition) and CPL (cost-per-lead) to those who qualify. All requests must be manually approved by a Paf Partners affiliate manager, and contract terms will vary depending on past experience and expected website traffic volume.


Paf Partners enables its affiliates to earn more through its sub-affiliation program. Through this scheme, an affiliate can refer others to Paf Partners and get paid a fee equal to a fixed percentage of those sub-af­fil­iat­es’ earnings.

Payment details

Paf Partners pays all commissions to affiliates within 15 days of the end of each qualifying month. In order to qualify for a payment, the affiliate must have at least €100 in total commissionable earnings. Affiliates who do not meet this requirement will have their earnings rolled over automatically. Plus, no admin fee is taken from these commissions.

Affiliates can elect to receive their payments from Paf Partners through Bank Wire, Neteller or Skrill. Additionally, all commissions are paid in euros only, so some affiliates will need to consider foreign exchange costs


Paf Partners is powered by the reliable MyAffiliates software platform. This is one of the most widely used third-party software solutions around, offering all partners real-time reports, key dashboard information, and easy-to-access promotional materials that can be regularly updated by affiliate managers.


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